Holyoke, MA

Dan’s Power Plant creates Fauxmaggio through a process of culturing cashews & macadamia nuts with plant-based probiotics The perfect alternative to cheesy spreads for those that have chosen to seek healthy alternatives to traditional animal-based cheeses, are vegan or on a non-dairy diet. We produce 4 spreads: Green Onion & Chive, Pepper Jack, Garlic & Herb, and Smoked Paprika & Garlic. Our Pesto is a delicious and fresh blend of basil, parsley, walnuts, macadamias, and a special recipe that includes our plant-based Fauxmesan (a parmesan-style cheese aged 3 months). We have 2 aged cheeses as well: Aged Rainbow Peppercorn & Aged Coconut Ash, both are aged 1 month to a semi-solid cheese that slices and spreads very well, perfect on a cheese platter.

Started in Dan's home kitchen around 2014 after he left a career in the Wine & Spirits industry and becoming vegan himself. Dan began crafting Fauxmaggio for him, his family and friends and they were such a big hit he decided to take them on the road and start a new journey. The company has grown modestly over the past couple of years, moving it's production to Holyoke, MA in 2016. These non-diary cheeses stand above the rest in quality and character. They're the only vegan cheeses that use macadamia nuts to add vibrancy, creaminess and a dense nutritional profile. They're packed with vitamins, minerals as well as pre, and probiotics. All of our spreads are active probiotics and our pesto is the only fresh vegan pesto on the market that
Fauxmaggio is made with nuts so we aren't able to source all of our ingredients locally but we strive to do so whenever possible.

Production Practices:
Non-GMONo Insecticides


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