Marty's Local

South Deerfield, MA

Delivering fresh, high-quality produce, flours and grains, dairy, meats, cheeses, and specialty foods every day.

We put our trust in people who run farms and food businesses in Western Massachusetts, Vermont, the Hudson Valley of New York, Connecticut, and Maine.

The purpose of Marty’s Local is to help build our regional food system by linking the exceptional farmers and food producers of our area with local institutions. We’re fortunate to have an abundance of high-quality growers and food producers nearby, and yet the overwhelming majority of our food still travels thousands of miles to get to us.

The farmers and food producers in New England and New York can grow, raise, and make almost anything. This enormous variety of delicious and healthy foods is right here, all within a day’s drive and often much closer. By supporting these businesses, we’re growing our local economies, eating marvelously flavorful and nourishing foods, promoting sustainable agriculture, protecting farmland, and celebrating the rich heritage of our region.

Sandra Thomas