Everyone wants to buy local food, but it's inconvenient.

Local Food HQ is changing that.

It remains a challenge to buy local food

  • Overly time-consuming to discover and obtain food produced nearby
  • Complicated to maintain a producer/buyer relationship
  • Product availability and pricing can only be gathered via phone calls or in person
  • Relationships often lose in priority to production and selling
  • Existing tools are expensive or do not address complexity of local producers

Local Food HQ make selling easy so local food producers can always be the first option for procurers

  • Simple, yet powerful online tools to better market and sell products
  • Professional document generation to easily bridge the gap between paper and digital
  • A single place to stay organized with products, prices, catalogs and orders
  • Online discovery and ordering for retailers, restaurants and wholesale buyers
  • Impress your customers and refocus saved time on building relationships